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Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

If you don’t regularly use professional carpet or floor cleaning services, we strongly advise you contact us to arrange an estimate. The prices we submit are often lower than new clients think when working it out alone.

Minimum charge: £60+VAT

Fixed Charges

Our fixed charges are a reference for letting agents and domestic customers, they are a reflection of the average time and materials required to complete cleaning a property/room. Please note the fixed charges are to act as a guide only, as each home varies. For commercial clients its best we attend in person to quote, unless the area is quite small and we could possibly give a guide price over the phone.


Studio: £75+VAT
1 Bed Flat: £85+VAT
2 Bed Flat: £105+VAT
3 Bed Flat: £125+VAT
4 Bed Flat: £150+VAT
5+ Bed Flat: Subject to estimate

1 Bed House: £105+VAT
2 Bed House: £125+VAT
3 Bed House: £150+VAT
4 Bed House: £180+VAT
5+ Bed House: Subject to estimate

Charges by Room
Landing: £10+ +VAT
Hall: £10+ +VAT
Flight of steps/stairs (up to 6): £15+ +VAT
Office Room: £15+ +VAT
Bathroom: £20+ + VAT
Flight of Stairs (up to 12): £25+ +VAT
Single Bedroom: £20+ +VAT
Double Bedroom: £30+ +VAT
Dining Room: £35+ +VAT
Living Room/Lounge: £40+ +VAT

We advise you contact us directly; we can then assist in providing an accurate figure for the work you require.

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