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General Cleaning

Below can be found charges for routine cleaning; typically involving homes, offices and similar sites, also our charges for external structures and facilities, ovens and more specialist work can be found here. On occasion where there are ongoing contracts or services being provided, we can offer lower rates or ignore minimum call out charges.


Internal Cleaning

Minimum charge: £30
Standard cleaning hourly rate: £15 p/h
Cleaning Products and Hygiene Supplies: Subject to material costs

External Structures and Facilities

Minimum charge: £30
Windows and facade cleaning from: £15
Gutter and gulley clearance from: £30
Conservatories or large glass structures from: £60
Jet Wash and UPVC cleaning from: £60

Oven Cleans

Single Oven: £55
Double Oven Clean: £65
Range Cooker: £90
Additional ovens over one: £30/£45/£60 relative to above

Oven cleans include hobs when present. Where possible we remove, clean and refit hob rings, hob grates, oven door inner glass screens, door seals and control knobs, so as to ensure a deeper more thorough clean. Beyond this we do not disassemble ovens/hobs.

Specialist Cleaning

Minimum charge: £50
Cleaning at height which requires platform or harness: £25 p/h
Working in confined or hard to reach spaces: £25 p/h
Night Cleaning (Hours between 9pm and 6am): 1.5 the rate that applies; all services included
Hazardous or ‘Dirty’ cleans, including cleaning built up bird guano, environments with possible sharps and dead animal collections: £90 p/h
Disposing of ‘Hazardous’ waste: £20 per 80 litre sack
Technically demanding or niche cleans: Subject to estimate

Please note we factor into our rates any standard cleaning equipment or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as disposable overalls, hard hats, safety shoes, bump caps, gloves and dust masks etc. These rates exclude any costs for specialist access equipment or PPE such as cherry pickers, scaffolds and emergency escape breathers. We do not remove Asbestos.

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