Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery charges are listed at typical domestic rates, we can offer improved rates where we are cleaning large volumes of furniture within enviroments such as hotels, offices, restaurants and cinemas etc.


Upholstered Items

Minimum Charge: £60+VAT
Office/Dining Chair: £5-£10 +VAT
Stool: £7.50-£20 +VAT
Small to Medium Rug: £20+ +VAT
Sofa Chair: £20+ +VAT
Single Size Mattress: £25+VAT
Large Rug: £30+ +VAT
Small Double Mattress: £30+VAT
Small to Medium Pair of Curtains: £30+ +VAT
Two Seat Sofa Chair: £35+VAT
Standard Double Mattress: £35+VAT
Large Pair of Curtains: £40+VAT
King Size Mattress: £45+VAT
Super Size King Mattress: £50+VAT
Three Seat Sofa Chair: £50+VAT
Patterned r
ug if taken off site for full clean and deodorising treatment: £60+VAT

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